I’m from the edges of the map

the edges of the Pacific

I’m from the edges of the room

the outside looking in

I’m from Southeast Asia

unless you mean my nationality

I’m from the U.S.

unless you mean where my heart is

I’m not from here

wherever “here” is

- Cindy Montgomery Wyneken


Volume 01: Identity

"Going from Chinese public school to new England boarding school was tough, with identity crisis' and social frustrations. College has been significant in making peace with both parts of my cultural identity - with what grounds me, and what commands my values - and above all else to be my own individual."

"International students are subject to the problematic assumption that they fall under the same cultural categories as Americans of different races or stereotypes of their own ethnicities."

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Crazy Rich Asians | 

When Eleanor arrives, she takes the open seat across from Rachel and is offered the role of dealer — the “East” seat. The four seats in mahjong are named after the compass directions, which plays an important role both in the rules of the game and in the symbolism of the scene. Eleanor, in the role of the “East,” representing Asia, is the player in control. Rachel, sitting across from her, represents America — the “West.”

farrokh mercury

"Mercury’s original name is Farrokh Bulsara and he was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania to Indian Parsi parents on September 5, 1946. Mercury spent a huge part of his childhood in India and at age seven began taking piano lessons. Mercury faced his first internal conflict about his identity and alienation when he was sent to a boarding to school at Bombay, India. He was made fun of as Buckie because of his front teeth and also made fun of because of his light skin color. At the age of 17, Mercury moved to England and there he was being ridiculed for his Indian English."


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